Training for Excellence in Research Administration

2016 TERA 2.0 - Training for Excellence in Research Administration - begins March 30th!

The program aims to:

• Increase research administration competency and knowledge
• Support faculty and research administrators
• Streamline process and reduce administrative burden
• Ensure research administration compliance
• Create a repository of research administration resources


See Program Description & Curriculum


Staff (new, novice, seasoned) engaged in the various administrative aspects supporting research administration. 



A simple registration form with approval from your direct supervisor is required. The purpose for supervisor approval is to manage the significant time commitment to this program so as not to leave a department/unit without sufficient staff to manage workload.

1. Complete registration FORM and obtain appropriate approval (Registration is now closed).

2. Scan form and submit to by Friday, March 11, 2016

3. URA will follow up via e-mail to confirm enrollment and program details. 

- The Training Advisory Committee -

URA - Michael Ludwig, Jessica Lawrence, Laura Lindley, Lynda Wolter
SAA - Chris Sorensen
SSD - Shikha Evans, Adrienne Thomas
SSA - Suzanne Fournier
BSD - Katie Pizer
PSD - Hank Way

Questions? Contact program coordinator @


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TERA 1.0

The first component of TERA was designed in 2008. TERA 1.0 is a series of online modules. The modules move sequentially from successful proposal creation to setting up the project upon award. This foundational education will be augmented with the classroom series (TERA 2.0) and new electives that will be developed in collaboration with subject matter experts from various campus departments.

These modules allow administrators to review at their own pace: