Training for Excellence in Research Administration


New TERAjr sessions are available this summer! Brought to you in a convenient, two-day format.

TERAjr sessions provide new/novice research administrators with the fundamental concepts essential to support a sponsored project at the University of Chicago. Topics include a summary of project basics, compliance, proposal development, budget management, award management, and closeout.

The first day provides an overview of the sponsored project lifecycle from proposal development to closeout. The second day is sponsor-specific and will change with each offering of the course. This summer’s sponsor will be NSF.

Please secure your spot today by completing the registration form, obtaining your supervisor’s approval/signature, and emailing the form to by Friday, July 21st 2017.

Please also indicate if you will be attending one or both days – if you have less than one (1) year of experience, the first day is a prerequisite* for attendance of the second, sponsor-specific session. Upon receipt, URA will follow up to confirm enrollment and program details leading up to the sessions.

*If you attended the Sponsored Project Lifecycle back in April – you have met this prerequisite.

Upcoming Sessions:

Presenter: Arpa Orojian (URA)

  1. Monday, July 31st 2017 – Sponsored Project Lifecycle
  2. Wednesday, August 2nd 2017 – All About NSF

Time: 9:00AM – 11:30AM
Location: KCBD Auditorium, 1103

Thank you for your continued interest in this training opportunity and we look forward to seeing you in July.

Previous Sessions:

Presenter: Arpa Orojian (URA)

  1. Monday, April 10th 2017 – Sponsored Project Lifecycle
  2. Thursday, April 13th 2017 – All About NIH

Time: 9:00AM – 11:30AM
Location: KCBD Auditorium, 1103