Advance Account Policy and Form

Good morning,

As part of the ongoing research administration modernization efforts, URA has implemented a new policy and process for advance accounts effective today. Detailed information about these changes has been presented at previous Hot Topics sessions and is available on URA’s website at the links identified below:

For Departments currently creating their own accounts, those departments will continue to create their own advance accounts as they have been until further notice.

  • Policy
    • These changes currently only impact units whose accounts are created centrally by URA.
    • This policy defines the two types of advance accounts, establishes requirements for advance account requests, and defines responsibilities for these accounts.
    • For units whose accounts are created centrally, URA will begin creating bilateral advance accounts upon receipt of an award.
    • The policy linked above can also be accessed directly from URA’s website here:
  • Advance Account Request Form
    • This form can be used to request an advance account prior to URA’s receipt of an award.
    • The link to the form as well as the instructions on how to use the form can be accessed directly from URA’s website here:

We appreciate your feedback and input as we implement these changes. Please direct comments and/or questions about any of our new policies and/or processes to

Thank you,

Arpa Orojian
Assistant Director, Sponsored Programs Operations
University Research Administration