Federal Government Shutdown

In the event of a Federal Government shutdown, activities involving the following Federal agencies will be significantly interrupted:

  • National Science Foundation
  • National Endowment for the Humanities
  • Department of Transportation
  • Department of Agriculture

Congress has previously passed funding bills for the Department of Education, the Department of Health & Human Services (which funds NIH grants), and science grants for the Department of Defense and the Department of Energy.

Unless URA receives a Stop Work Order or other such notice from a specific Federal agency, grant and contract work previously authorized by Federal sponsors should continue without interruption. Should our office receive a Stop Work Order impacted Investigators and appropriate departmental grant administrators will be notified immediately. should our office receive a Stop Work Order.

In terms of Federal agency activities, no new awards will be issued during the shutdown. Spending on awards impacted should be monitored as anticipated funding or incremental funding not yet authorized or received is at risk and expenditures should be considered with great care. Note that most Federal agency personnel, including program officers, grants specialists, and policy office administrators will not be available for approvals, questions, or other administrative functions during the shutdown.

For proposal submissions, NSF will continue to accept proposals in accordance with published deadlines; however, proposals will be stored in Fastlane, Research.gov and/or Grants.gov and will not be processed further until the shutdown has ended.

URA will monitor specific agency guidance and post to our website as it is made available.