Financial Disclosures

As you may know, the 2017-2018 financial disclosure form was sent to faculty on July 1.  I thought I would review the “amnesty” procedure we have used in the past, and will use again this year.

Pre-award:  proposals may be submitted even if the faculty member has not submitted a 2017-2018 disclosure as long as they have a conflict of interest disclosure on file for 2016-2017.  This “amnesty” is in effect until September 4th   (after Labor Day).  After September 4th, no proposals can be submitted without a new disclosure on file.

Awards & Contracts: The above does not apply to awards.  Awards and contracts that come in must always have a current disclosure on file in order for funding to be released.  That means that any faculty member that receives an award or contract on or after July 1, must have a 2017-2018 disclosure on file.

CITI Training:  Faculty applying for PHS funding (e.g., NIH, NCI, etc.) must have completed CITI conflict of interest training.  Training is valid for four years.  For many faculty, their training will expire this fall.  Faculty that will have their training expire in the next 120 days have been notified that they need to log into CITI ( and complete the Refresher Course on Conflict of Interest.

Your assistance in getting faculty to complete their conflict of interest disclosure, and, where applicable, recertify their conflict of interest training, is greatly appreciated.

If you have any questions, please let me know.

Susan C. Zonia, Ph.D.

Director, Research Integrity