NIH Other Support Signature

Dear Colleagues,

As we have received several questions regarding electronic signature on NIH Other Support, please find additional clarification below.

At JIT or RPPR stage and when NIH Other Support documents are requested, all UChicago PIs and key personnel should use UChicago Box Sign for electronic signature to sign their Other Support documents. Only the named individuals should sign the documents, and no delegates or proxies are permitted.

Signatories must keep a record of their signature log (“Signing Log”), which should be uploaded to the AURA Grants FP at JIT stage as part of the JIT request or to the AURA Grants AWD if at RPPR stage as part of the RPPR. Please note that this signature log does not need to be submitted to NIH, but will be retained in the FP or AWD for our internal records.

Important Tips:

  • To log into UChicago Box Sign, please visit: More details on the use of Box Sign can also be found here. If you are experiencing technical difficulties, please try clearing your internet browser’s cache and/or reach out to IT Services.
  • Other certificate-based electronic signatures, such as Adobe Sign, may be used for NIH Other Support if available in your school or division. Please keep in mind that a signature log or signature certificate should also be retained and provided in AURA Grants for electronic signatures. 
  • When NIH Other Support documents must be signed by non-UChicago PIs and key personnel who do not have Box Sign, then another certificate-based electronic signature may be used. Please keep in mind that a signature log or signature certificate should also be retained (or verification of signature) and provided in AURA Grants for other electronic signatures. We will honor the institution’s adopted signature practice so long as it is compliant with NIH policy (i.e. no scanned documents with “wet” signatures).
  • If the signature log (“Signing Log”) or signature certificate is not uploaded to the AURA Grants FP or AWD when NIH Other Support is provided, then it will be requested.
  • Ensure that PDFs are flattened prior to uploading into the NIH eRA Commons to avoid system errors. Details can be found here and here.

Should you have questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to me or your assigned URA Pre-Award Research Administrator.

Anna Jackson
Assistant Director, Sponsored Programs Pre-Award
T 773-834-2061