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Hi All – thanks again for making the time to attend this morning’s session!

I’ve updated the URA RAHT Website and attached the Power Point for easy reference. Additional notes from the session included below, along with a detailed summary of this weekend’s system enhancement/patch.

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  • The new Federal pay scale for calendar year 2018 is now posted on the Office of Personnel Management website.
    • The Executive Level II salary, on which the NIH Salary Cap is based, has been raised from $187,000 to $189,600.  Any new Funding Proposals created with NIH as the sponsor should use the new $189,600 salary cap threshold.  The AURA budget grids have been updated to reflect the new cap amount.
    • Please contact your URA Pre-Award Manager with any questions.
  • URA will send out additional e-mails and training opportunity announcements as we get close to implementation of the new Advance Account and Milestone Invoicing processes.
  • The URA website has been updated to reflect the new closeout process. Please refer to the instructions available here: http://ura.uchicago.edu/page/award-closeout

AURA Grants Patch Summary:

  • Instances of “Sponsored Award Accounting Administrator” text have been updated to “Account Create Team Specialist” in smart form questions, help text, and within activities
  • Agency/Sponsor Deliverables (View 21) include three new options:
    • Final Invention Statement
    • Final Property Report
    • Closeout Report/Final Financial Report
  • Concurrent Request Types have been alphabetized and include one new option:
    • Closeout/Final Financial Report
  • Award Restrictions (View 22) have been updated to align with current URA metrics, and allow for better reporting of “Other” restrictions
  • Clinical Trial workflow validations updated so that all required questions (red asterisks) must be answered before routing to CT Advance Review
  • Financial Summary Tab (FP Workspace) updated to include a FAS Category for Outgoing Subawards
  • Foreign Activity or Involvement (View 9) questions updated to align with current URA reporting requirements, expanding to include more than just paid participants
  • NIH Salary Cap updated to $189,600. New FPs will automatically default to the updated cap
  • FP Specific PI Declarations – update in question 2 to clarify the language
    • Current: Could the work discussed in this proposal be perceived as related to an outside financial interest that you have?
    • Updated: Does the work proposed involve any data, materials or devices obtained from a company in which you have a financial interest, or in the case of a corporate sponsor have you received any payments, stock or equity from this sponsor in the past 2 years? 

Aaron House
Assistant Director, eRA, Training, and Analytics
University Research Administration