UChicago's New Funding Portal: InfoReady Review

Dear Administrators, 

I am excited to announce a systemic improvement to UChicago’s internal funding portal, open opportunity announcements, and limited opportunity submissions. The UChicago funding portal is transitioning to a new software,InfoReady Review, which currently supports internal funding and limited submissions for one-third of all R1 research institutions.

Key Features of InfoReady Review

  • Simplifies internal funding applications, open opportunity announcements and submissions for foundation and federal limited opportunities;
  • Empowers administrators to create application forms, collect reference letters, automate application and review workflows and notifications, and generate progress reports;
  • Enables review teams to quickly rank proposals and view summarized ranking reports for more informed award decision-making;
  • See UChicago’s full training webinar here for more feature highlights.

Who Can Use InfoReady?

All UChicago divisions, centers, and collaborating National Labs can leverage InfoReady Review. If your department needs to create, award, or review internal applications, please contact researchdevelopment@uchicago.edu.

Upcoming Changes for Limited Opportunity Submissions

UChicago will harness InfoReady Review for automating limited opportunities for foundation and federal limited opportunities. InfoReady will enable the following improvements:

  • Integration with the University’s Pivot funding search software;
  • Opportunities for Divisions to review, select, and route limited submissions directly through InfoReady’s automated workflow;
  • Reduced bottlenecks for limited federal opportunities. PIs will submit a simple “Notification of Interest” form for limited federal awards directly through InfoReady. In cases where there is no competition, PIs will receive the internal slot without a white paper submission requirement;
  • Research Development Support, Foundations and Corporate Relations, and the Office of the Provost have collaborated with Division development staff on these systemic improvements to enable a simplified approach.

Legacy FluidReview Data

InfoReady Review has replaced the legacy FluidReview funding portal. All legacy data is being imported into InfoReady, and is securely stored and accessible by emailing researchdevelopment@uchicago.edu.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please reach out to Sarah Lain at researchdevelopment@uchicago.edu.

Ka Yee C. Lee  

Professor, Department of Chemistry 
Vice Provost for Research
Office of Research and National Laboratories
Chair, Faculty Advisory Board, Hong Kong Campus
The University of Chicago