About Us

URA Mission Statement

University Research Administration provides guidance and support for research funding and compliance to promote the mission of The University of Chicago.

Business Conduct Statement

All University of Chicago staff involved in research administration should demonstrate the highest level of commitment to integrity and ethical values. URA staff are acknowledging this commitment by reviewing the University Policy for Business Conduct from the Employee Handbook. URA encourages all staff supporting research activities at the University of Chicago to join us in reviewing the Business Conduct Policy and acknowledging our responsibility to provide support for the University’s research activities with the highest level of integrity and ethical values.

Research Administration at the University of Chicago

URA provides review and institutional endorsement of all applications for sponsored funding including clinical studies/trials and Material Transfer Agreements.

URA reviews, and negotiates when necessary, awards prior to acceptance, and accepts awards officially on behalf of the University.

URA maintains a program of sponsored project information services and data for University faculty and administrators. See Proposal Submission & Award Acceptance and Authorized Signature.

URA reports to the Office of Research and National Laboratories. Its four sections are under the direction of Michael R. Ludwig, Associate Vice President for Research Administration. These sections are:

  • Grants and Contracts Management
  • Research Compliance
  • Information Services
  • Training

Grants and Contracts Management

Grants and contracts managers review each proposal to the federal, state, and local governments, foundations, corporations, and associations prior to submission. They verify the accuracy of budget and administrative information provided in applications; ensure that commitments made in proposals can be honored; and confirm that proposals and awards meet sponsor and University guidelines. They work directly with faculty members and University administrators in this process. URA is the authorized institutional signatory for all proposals and awards.

URA grants and contracts managers negotiate grants and contracts on behalf of the University; assist in the preparation of requests for additional funding, extensions in time, and changes in scope or principal investigator; coordinate the submission of interim project reports; and coordinate all steps needed to terminate an award.

URA is the authorized institutional signatory for all Material Transfer Agreements (MTAs). Sharing of materials such as cell lines, transgenic animals, and human/animal tissues are handled through MTAs. URA negotiates and executes MTAs on behalf of University faculty and staff.

URA is authorized negotiator and signatory for clinical studies. Faculty are urged to consult with the Office of Clinical Research for additional assistance with company-sponsored trials.

Research Compliance

The University of Chicago’s Outside Professional and Commercial Interests of Faculty/Conflict of Interest Policy requires faculty disclosures (both on annual and ad hoc basis) of financial interests. Such disclosure maintains the integrity of faculty members’ research, protects the University, and addresses federal regulations regarding externally sponsored programs. URA compliance staff review financial conflict of interest disclosures submitted by faculty, and determine whether the conflict of interest needs to be managed. In consultation with the faculty member’s academic unit, the Provost’s Office will draw up a Management Plan that describes a set of required actions to eliminate, reduce, mitigate or diminish the impact of the conflicts of interest.

Training Team

The URA Training Team provides educational resources and opportunities to campus, and the Argonne National Laboratory, on topics related to research administration. They help communication important grants & contacts related announcements to campus via the URA emal listervs, and meet with new administrators - providing an overview of how research administration works here on campus and the tools & resources available to help ensure success.

In addition, the Training Team helps maintain electronic research administration submission platforms, creates user accounts, and provides help desk assistance relating to application submissions. They also maintain the URA website, as well as release newsletters on current funding opportunities, announcements, funding tools and training. To contact this team, email ura-training@lists.uchicago.edu.