Addgene Orders

Addgene Orders

Addgene is an online system in which scientists may order plasmids for research purposes. When a researcher orders a plasmid in the online system, the URA receives a request to accept the terms of the UBMTA for the transfer. The URA then forwards this request to the departmental grant/contract administrator and asks that the order be routed as an “Incoming MTA” in ServiceNow for URA endorsement.

When completing the Incoming MTA ServiceNow form for an Addgene order, please:

  • Provide the Addgene order number in “Please provide a description of the materials”; and
  • Copy and paste the Addgene order URL from the Addgene email forwarded by the URA in that description box.

Addgene orders and deposits will be handled internally within URA and do not need to be routed in Service Now

If you have questions, please contact 


Disrael Sanchez-Rodriguez, J.D., (773) 702-8601;