Basic Elements of a Management Plan

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Overview/ Statement:

Summary of the nature of the research and justification for a management plan to mitigate potential conflict of interest.

PI Limitations:

Defines any parameters for serving as a principal investigator or as key personnel on a funded project.

Use of Patient Information:

Defines any restrictions or limitations in the use or transfer of patient or research subject information.

Intellectual Property:

Reminder about the University's policy on intellectual property as well as any limitations on the use of intellectual property you may have previously developed and intend to employ in this study.

Use of University Facilities:

University facilities are to be used solely for University purposes. Under certain conditions, facilities may be used if there is a subcontract or a clinical use agreement.


Faculty should remove themselves from decisions to purchase goods or services from companies with which they have a commercial relationship.

Disclosure to Staff/Students/Publications:

Financial relations that are relevant to a study should be disclosed to all trainees, technical staff and collaborators, as well as in any publications or presentations.


As necessary