FASTLANE is the National Science Foundation (NSF) website where proposals are submitted and grants management takes place. 

Please see the Electronic Submissions page for more information on PI Approval to submit electronic applications.

Requesting an NSF ID in or Permissions in FASTLANE is where all FASTLANE users are registered, and where their roles (such as PI, Authorized Organization User, and Sponsored Projects Officers are managed). To be regsitered in and FASTLANE, you will need an NSF ID and password.  

Account management in FASTLANE is coordinated by URA. Only URA managers and certain approved administrators have the ability to add, modify or delete FASTLANE users and generate organizational reports. 

Staff / Authorized Organizational Users

For new staff account set-up, email with the info below for the individual being added. We will contact that new user directly with their NSF ID and log in information. 

  • Name:
  • Email:


To request an invitation to register as PI, send an email to with the info below.

  • Name:
  • Email:
  • NSF ID from any previous institution (if applicable): 

NOTE: PIs must provide current contact info, including their highest degree and graduation year, before their account is fully registered with the institution. Please see the PI registration guide below, to see the steps required of PIs after accepting an invite to register with The University of Chicago. How to register as a PI at the University of Chicago

Updating and Recovering & Fastlane Passwords

URA account administrators do not have the ability to reset or change FASTLANE passwords, or recover locked accounts. To recover an account, go to as click the "Forgot Password" link. Contact FASTLANE user support at 1-800-673-6188, or email the help desk at, if you need further assistance or cannot recover your password. 

For general questions related to FASTLANE accounts please contact

FASTLANE Account Delegations 

When supporting a faculty member in NSF Fastlane, ask that they send the 1) Proposal ID 2) Proposal Pin so you may log in as an Other Authorized User (OAU) to access their proposal.

For more information about these account actions, please reference the NSF Fastlane documents and help link below.

Accessing, Proposals, Awards, and Status

Other Authorized Accounts

NSF Fastlane Help: