International Sponsored Awards

Working with International Collaborators

A clear identification of roles and responsibilities in the oversight of sponsored research projects is critical to an effective compliance structure. URA, in consultation with numerous offices and individuals on campus, has prepared a Compliance Responsibility Matrix, along with a companion Roles and Responsibilities page, to serve as a reference and guide for all of the primary players in sponsored research activities.

Our goal is to equip all parties to the research endeavor with a fuller understanding of the compliance structure at the University, and each person’s specific role and responsibility within this enterprise. Strengthening compliance awareness will enable each of us to integrate our specific oversight responsibilities into the routine operational fabric of grants and contracts proposal and award management.



Award terms and conditions

University Research Administration

Export control

University Research Administration

Cash management and banking

Financial Services – Treasury Operations

Foreign sponsors or subcontractors/subrecipients

University Research Administration

Hiring foreign staff and/or UChicago staff who work abroad

Human Resources

Human Subjects / Institutional Review Board

Applicable Institutional  Review Board


Risk Management

Internal Audit

Internal Audit

IT Connectivity, telecommunications

Information Technology Services

Travel registry

Global Engagement

Leasing space overseas

Commercial Real Estate Operations

Legal and regulatory issues

Office of Legal Counsel

Paying foreign vendors

Procurement and Payment Services

Paying non-resident aliens

Financial Services - Payroll

Paying UChicago employees abroad

Financial Services - Payroll

Purchasing from foreign vendors

Procurement and Payment Services

Tax including VAT

Financial Services – Financial and Tax Reporting


Procurement and Payment Services


Office of Legal Counsel


Office of Legal Counsel

Last updated: 03/22/2018