No-Cost Extensions

A no cost extension is an extension of the period of performance for an award, without additional funding from the agency/sponsor.

1. Extensions require a scientific rationale

2. The work on the project is not yet complete.

3. All no cost extension requests must come to URA for endorsement before being forwarded to the agency/sponsor

4. A no cost extension must be requested in advance of the end date of an award-30 days in advance is recommended as a best practice, and remember to leave 3 – 5 days for URA to handle the request

5. All original terms of the award remain in effect during a no cost extension period

  • PI effort continues, demonstrated by sufficient funds available [Note: please follow division/unit requirements regarding approval of cost share commitments]. If the effort level is changing from the current committed level, an explanation may be needed [please follow agency/sponsor guidelines regarding effort changes].
  • All certifications and assurances must be up to date
  • All protocols must be up to date and active during the no cost extension period

6. Funds must be available to cover costs during the no cost extension period 

  • Note: some agencies/sponsors, such as NSF, will not extend an award that contains a zero balance

7. Extensions may not be exercised merely for the purpose of using unobligated balances

8. Requests for extension should be prepared on unit/department letterhead

9. Always check agency guidelines and the terms of the Agreement for specific instructions

10. Users of Commons, FastLane, Space Telescope (STSCI and other electronic systems submit Concurrence Request; extension will be processed through system as required (Note: no-cost extensions for Supplements cannot be submitted through Commons).