Trade Sanctions

Universities in the U.S., including UChicago, have a long tradition of inventing and developing leading edge technologies that are important for national security and economic competitiveness as well as for educating and training scholars from around the world. In recognition of this role, both the Department of State and Department of Commerce export control laws carve out special provisions whereby unrestricted research and classroom teaching activities at universities in the U.S. are excluded from the regulations.

The University of Chicago Handbook for Faculty and Other Academic Appointees, precludes the acceptance of restrictions on publication of research results or of sponsorship that would compromise Chicago's policy on non-discrimination. As a result, most research activities at UChicago will be "fundamental research" as defined in the export control laws, and, as a result, does not require a "license" or permission from the government. Nonetheless, it is important to understand the limits on fundamental research in the context of the applicable export control regulations.

The U.S. export control agencies, BIS, DDTC, and OFAC, place the burden of understanding and complying with the regulations on UChicago. The export control laws may apply to research activities on campus if controlled equipment, data, or information is used in the conduct of that research. The export control regulations apply to the export (even temporary) of controlled UChicago-owned equipment for field research and to the shipment of research materials or equipment to locations outside of the U.S.

Even though most research conducted on campus will not be subject to export control restrictions, it is important for the university community to be aware of when activities may potentially become controlled. Many universities accept restrictions on publication and participation in sponsored research, so it is incumbent upon UChicago researchers to verify what, if any, information is export controlled in the conduct of collaborative research with other institutions and to prevent the dissemination of such information at UChicago.

Export Control Policy - Memo from Donald Levy, Vice President for Research and for National Laboratories (June 24, 2013)