Uniform Biological MTA

On March 8, 1995, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) published the final version of the Uniform Biological Material Transfer Agreement UBMTA for transfer of materials between nonprofit institutions and an Implementing Letter for the Transfer of Biological Material. The University of Chicago is one of the institutions which has signed the UBMTA.

The UBTMA allows signatory institutions to transfer materials to one another using a boilerplate Implementing Letter for the particular transfer. The Implementing Letter contains a description of the material and a statement indicating that the material is being transferred in accordance with the terms of the UMBTA. It must be executed by the provider scientist and the recipient scientist, and receive all necessary institutional endorsements.

Use of the UBMTA is not mandatory. At the investigator’s determination, the University of Chicago Material Transfer Agreement (MTA) boilerplate agreement may be used.

The Association of University Technology Managers (AUTM) serves as the repository for signed UBMTA Master Agreements. AUTM periodically posts a listing of signatory institutions on its techno-l email group list. The listing includes the name of the signatory institution, the name and title of the official signatory, and the date the Master Agreement was signed. If any institution subsequently decides to withdraw its acceptance of the Master Agreement, AUTM adds the date the institution withdrew its approval.

Copies of the UBMTA and the Implementing Letter follow. They are also available upon request from University Research Administration and may be found on the World Wide Web site of the AUTM. The AUTM also maintains a list of signatory institutions. – January 1998