URA Newsletter

URA Newsletter

We are pleased to launch the URA Newsletter to the UChicago Research Administration community. Research is central to our core mission, and our research administrators are central to the support, management and reporting of research. URA is committed to making every effort to support and assist with this responsibility. In developing this newsletter, URA has identified key areas and topics including training and job opportunities that we believe you will find helpful. Every two weeks we will be sharing highlights and important updates on the local and national level with the goal of building a singular source of research administration information at the University of Chicago. 

September 28, 2020 URA Newsletter
September 14, 2020 URA Newsletter
August 31, 2020 URA Newsletter 
August 17, 2020 URA Newsletter 
August 3, 2020  URA Newsletter 
July 20, 2020 URA Newsletter
July 7, 2020  URA Newsletter
June 22, 2020 URA Newsletter 
June 8, 2020  URA Newsletter
May 26, 2020 URA Newsletter
May 11, 2020 URA Newsletter 
April 27, 2020 URA Newsletter
April 13, 2020  URA Newsletter 
March 31, 2020 URA Newsletter 
March 19, 2020 URA Newsletter
March 2, 2020 URA Newsletter 
February 17, 2020 URA Newsletter 
February 3, 2020 URA Newsletter 

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If you have questions about or or suggestions for the newsletter, please contact:

Angela Branch
Process and Compliance Trainer