URA Review and Endorsement

It is highly recommended that proposals be routed to URA as many days as possible in advance of the submission deadline. Proposals submitted for review less than two full business days before the deadline may receive a contingent review. Please note that complex projects submitted for review during high volume periods may not receive a full review, depending on workload.

When submitting a proposal for full review and final endorsement by URA, we highly encourage you to submit the proposal for review in final form. We understand, however, that this may not always be possible. For your reference, we have included the following checklist of items required in final and draft form by URA at full proposal review stage, and items required in final form for institutional endorsement.

Full Proposal Review Requirements_1.JPG

While this is not an exhaustive list of documents, it should serve as a comprehensive guide. Proposals submitted in sufficient time for a full review will receive a thorough review of the items listed on the checklist. Documents beyond the ones listed on the checklist may be reviewed at the URA Manager’s discretion and in consideration of workload. Any missing required documents will be noted for the unit or requested for review prior to endorsement. Required documents are those listed in the solicitation as part of the application.

Once a review is completed, it is required that the unit make us aware of any significant changes to the Scope of Work, Research Plan or Narrative and to any compliance oversight. Significant changes will typically have an impact on the proposal budget or alter protocols, and will require additional review prior to endorsement.