Data Collaborators

The University has research collaborations with individuals who are external to the University of Chicago and need access to sensitive datasets housed at UChicago.  Sometimes these collaborators are known at the outset of the research and other times the collaborations are the result of post docs or others leaving UChicago for a position at another institution or other external collaborators discovered after the project commences.

"Data Collaborators" require:

  1. Approval from the data provider (URA will seek that approval)
  2. Must be contributing/collaborating on UChicago research and be sponsored by a UChicago PI.  Access will not be granted to support an independent research program for an individual not at, or leaving, UChicago
  3. Dean approval is required to confirm the data collaborator is contributing to UChicago research and those contributions are worth the risk of sharing sensitive data externally. Please submit proof of Dean approval as part of your AURA submission

Please note that like all other contracts, a data collaborator agreement must be reviewed and executed by URA. Faculty and department staff are not authorized to enter into data collaborator agreements on their own. A data collaborator agreement must be executed by URA, by the external individual who will gain access to the data, and by that person's current employer (not the UChicago PI). Once the data collaborator agreement is fully signed, a CNET ID can be issued to the data collaborator (if necessary) through the existing Trusted Agent process in the units. The data collaborator agreement does not create an employment relationship with the collaborator.

A data collaborator agreement should be routed through AURA Agreements as an Outgoing DUA. The template can be found here. If assistance is needed, contact Katy Jones in URA.