Policies & Compliance


Policies govern proposals and awards at the University of Chicago. Additional Divisional/Unit Polices may be applicable in addition to those that are listed here. More Information »


The University of Chicago, through institutional endorsement on proposals and awards, provides these Assurances to agencies. More Information »

Business Conduct Statement

All University of Chicago staff involved in research administration should demonstrate the highest level of commitment to integrity and ethical values. URA staff are acknowledging this commitment by reviewing the University Policy for Business Conduct from the Employee Handbook. URA encourages all staff supporting research activities at the University of Chicago to join us in reviewing the Business Conduct Policy and acknowledging our responsibility to provide support for the University’s research activities with the highest level of integrity and ethical values.

Research Compliance

A clear identification of roles and responsibilities in the oversight of sponsored research projects is critical to an effective compliance structure.

Federal Regulations and Compliance

Information on the OMB Circulars, Federal Acquisition Regulations (FARs) and other federal regulations. More Information »

Resources and Offices

Federal Oversight Offices University Administrative Resources & Assistance. More Information »