Download URA's Award Management Guidelines (PDF)


Award Negotiation & Acceptance

URA is the institutional authority for the negotiation and acceptance of financial support or other contractually-binding obligations in the form of a contract, grant, or agreement, including material transfer agreements and clinical trials. If the department receives an award document, it should be delivered to the appropriate URA Research Administrator for review. After the review, individual PI’s and administrators should not sign award agreements unless instructed by URA.

The need to negotiate an award for acceptable terms and conditions is determined by URA during the proposal submission and award review processes. URA reviews each award document for terms and conditions. URA will also consult with the principal investigator/program director on the award and keep them informed of any negotiations, as needed.

Account Creation

After the award had been accepted by the University, a Financial Accounting System (FAS) account should be created.The URA Account Create Team (ACT) creates an account for a new award upon award acceptance. In addition to the account create processes described above, FAS accounts can be created in advance of receipt of an award agreement.