Proposal Development

Preparing a Proposal

University Research Administration formally submits proposals on behalf of the University of Chicago for investigators, research projects, and units within the University. The proposal process varies and depends on your particular location within a division, school or department of the University. Generally, local administrators work with faculty to prepare proposals and route them for appropriate sign-offs. They may then be sent for review to a central divisional unit/office or individual.

Local administrators should follow the respective business rules within the Biological Sciences Division, the Physical Sciences Division, the Social Sciences Division, and the Humanities Division. Many schools, units, and programs have administrators who work directly with URA Staff. URA gives the proposal a final review and provides institutional endorsement prior to submission to a potential sponsor.

If you have any questions about the process, please contact the URA Manager assigned to your department, contact information available on Contacts by Department page. 

URA Support During Proposal Development

Your URA Pre-Award Manager is an excellent resource during proposal development. Contact your assigned Manager once you are aware a proposal will be submitted. We would like to collaborate with you and support you through the proposal development process, allowing the PI to focus solely on the research components of the proposal submission.

Submitting a Proposal

Proposal applications being prepared by faculty members and their support staff must first be reviewed and approved at the department level.  This approval usually comes from then department Executive Administrator or Chairperson, but may also include the respective Divisional Deans depending on the scope of research/work being proposed. If the prospective funding agency is sensitive, the Office of Foundation and Corporate Relations will also need to provide their approval.

After these approvals have been properly captured, the proposal may be forwarded to University Research Administration (URA) to obtain institutional endorsement for submission to the funding agency.