Award Management

Request Updated Authorized Administrators and Signers on Sponsored Awards 

Typically, Shared Services will update mass AA/AS update requests (10 or more)  for all ledger numbers, except ledger 8.  In the case that there is a request for less than 10 AA/AS updates, General Accounting or Post Award Administrators will perform the update based on the ledger number of the request.  All ledger 8 accounts are updated by Kathy Conrad (Manger, Debt and Capital Asset Accounting).

Departments involved in updates, when they will take action and for what ledger number:
Number of Accounts  Ledger/Account Type Contact
Fewer than 10 accounts  1,2,4, & 9

General Accounting

  5 & 6 - Grants & Contracts 

Post Award Administrator

Note: All requests should be sent to AURA-Help and not directly to the Post Award RA 


Kathy Conrad (Manager, Debt & Capital Asset Accounting)

  6 (Gift Accounts) & 7 


Greater than 10 accounts  Any account with more than 10 change request, excluding ledger 8

Shared Services 

Note: Request spreadsheets for Account Administrators and Authorized Signers