URA Annual Report

Overall award acceptance in FY23 increased by 18% to $754 million. This growth was due to a 14% increase in federal funding along with a 30% increase in non-federal funds received. This increase in total authorized awards corresponds with a 10% increase in the total number of awards accepted and a 2% increase in the number of unique PI awards. Large project awards continued its four-year trend with amounts of $2.5 million (or more) increasing by 46% last year and 56% since FY20.

The Office of Research continues several support service initiatives to enhance unit efforts to grow their research portfolios. These customized services provide a spectrum of support that help faculty develop research ideas, identify funding opportunities, prepare and submit large-scale funding proposals. For additional information, please reach out to the Research Development Support (RDS) team.

In addition, the University Research Administration (URA) office continues to enhance processes for award acceptance, account management and project closeout that together provide better service to faculty and to unit research administrators.

The FY23 final proposal, award, and expense totals summary report is below. Those with access to the Sponsored Programs Dashboard (SPD) will be able to obtain further detailed information about the unit totals.

Please keep in mind that gifts, endowments, and contributions from alumni and friends of the University are not administered through URA and are not included in the data.

Any questions related to this data can be directed to Jennifer A. Ponting, J.D., Associate Vice President for Research Administration & Director, URA.