Faculty Effort on Research Projects

The Office of Management and Budget issued a clarification of federal regulations regarding the Treatment of Voluntary Uncommitted Cost Sharing and Tuition Remission Costs on January 5, 2001. It states, in part, that “most Federally-funded research programs should have some level of committed faculty (or senior researchers) effort, paid or unpaid by the Federal Government. This effort can be provided at any time within the fiscal year (summer months, academic year, or both).” On a research activity, one PD/PI must have measurable effort. The University must adhere to federal regulation requirements that faculty have some committed effort on research grants. In addition, some divisions have developed specific divisional policy regarding faculty effort on research grants.

The Biological Sciences Division‘s Faculty Salary and Effort expects effort to be commensurate with salary recovery.

The Physical Sciences Division anticipates that faculty normally meet their research effort requirement with effort committed during the summer quarter. If academic research effort is required, PSD expects that such commitment not exceed 1/2 month of academic year effort. See the PSD Policy (PDF) and its Addendum.