International Shipping

International Shipping

International shipments are ruled and regulated under federal jurisdictions, including EAR, ITAR, and OFAC. This includes transfers by any means (cargo shipment, courier, hand carried, electronic), and apply to all commodities (hardware, laboratory equipment, materials, research samples), as well as  technical data (software, blue prints, schematics, manuals, information in any form). Hence, it is essential to consult the Export Control Office (ECO) to help determine whether a license is required for shipping. The ECO may be contacted at

Because a license can take approximately 2 months to obtain, it is critical to address potential export requirements as soon as possible, in order to allow for sufficient processing time. The ECO will facilitate the licensing process, so communicating early will help in getting shipments to where they need be on time.

Export Compliance Contacts:

For export compliance questions related to international shipping, please contact:                          

Mike Vanderboom
Export Control Officer                                                                                            University Research Administration                                                                        773-834-8601                                                                                                   

Smita Singh
Assistant General Counsel