Frequently Asked Questions

This Q &A Section addresses some of the most commonly raised issues pertaining to export control. Please note that it is intended to place the content of the Export Compliance Overview in a practical, user-friendly
framework. For additional detail on how UChicago implements export controls, please see Export Control Procedures.

1. Exporting Commodities, Technical Data or Software

2. Foreign National Access to EAR- and ITAR-controlled Items and Data

3. Staying within the Fundamental Research Exclusion (FRE) Outside the Laboratory

4. Travel abroad

5. International Collaborations and Conducting Research Abroad

6. Fabrication and Service Contracts; Spin-off entities

7. Country-Specific Requirements (OFAC)

8. Who Do I Contact for Help?

Disrael Sanchez-Rodriguez, J.D., Export Control Compliance Manager at (773) 702-8601 or