Outgoing Research Services

What is an Outgoing Research Services Agreement (ORS)?

University researchers sometimes wish to engage other entities to provide research or research-related services, with payment coming from gift or internal discretionary sources. Because these contracts require research terms and conditions, URA is the appropriate office to negotiate and sign these agreements. These are coded as ORS in AURA. For guidance on when these transactions should be handled by Procurement vs. URA, please consult this guide.

An ORS is not appropriate to use in cases where UChicago is the recipient of funding or in cases where UChicago is funding work using existing grant or contract money. An ORS is also not appropriate when UChicago is the entity performing the service.

Submitting an ORS

To submit an Outgoing Research Services Agreement (ORS) for URA review, please visit AURA Agreements. Please be sure to include the following information:

  • What service will be provided
  • What the budget is for the services
  • What the payment schedule will be
    • Timeline
    • Whether funds are cost reimburseable or fixed price
  • What the source of funding is
  • Whether human subjects are involved, and if so, provide an IRB protocol
  • Whether animals will be involved, and if so, provide an IACUC protocol
  • Whether the agreement will involve the transfer of materials or data, and if so, please provide additional details regarding the nature of the materials/data and the direction of exchange
  • A scope of work that can be attached to the agreement

The AURA submission form will not ask those questions specifically. Please document the answers to those questions, along with any other relevant information, either in the comments field or as an attached supporting document. You can find additional information on submitting these agreements here.

March 6, 2023