Outgoing Subawards & Sponsored Consulting Agreements

The Outgoing Subaward Team at URA is responsible for processing all outgoing subawards and sponsored consulting agreements.

A subaward normally involves collaboration with another educational or research institution but may be entered into with any organization outside the University. The research is generally performed by the Subrecipient’s personnel using their resources, usually at their site. The Subrecipient takes full responsibility, including intellectual leadership, for the portion of the work statement that they will undertake.

A consultant is an independent contractor and not an employee of the University. A Sponsored Consultant is defined as any person hired in a professional capacity to provide specific expertise in the technical area of the project for a specified period of time under a sponsored agreement (grant, contact, cooperative agreement, etc.). The expertise the consultant is hired to provide is typically not available within the institution. Consulting arrangements are not a substitute for subawards and are not intended to be used when part of the project is performed at another institution.