eRA Commons

The NIH eRA Commons is a web-based system that allows NIH extramural grantee organizations, grantees, and the public to receive and transmit information electronically about the administration of biomedical and behavioral research.

Requesting a Commons Account

If a Commons account needs to be created or edited, please email the AURA/eRA Help Desk @

In order to receive a Commons account, provide URA with the following information:

  • Full name with correct spelling
  • Email address ( preferred)
  • Role(s) in Commons

After the account has been created, a confirmation email from Commons will be sent, prompting log-in. The administrator who requested the account will get an email confirmation from URA with the Commons ID as well.

If you already have a Commons account but you need another role: Please email the with the new role needed, the Commons ID, and why the role needs to be changed.

If you already have a Commons account with another University: Please email the with the Commons ID and state in the message that you need to be affiliated with UChicago.

Important: If a PI needs an administrator to work on their application, the PI must grant her/him 2 levels of authority: Personal Profile File (PPF) edit and PI delegation. NIH’s Password Policy for eRA does not allow for the sharing of passwords. URA will not assist an administrator in obtaining a PI’s eRA Commons password/username for use by the administrator.

Troubleshooting – Some Common Problems

Duplicate accounts: If you already have a Commons account, but you need a new role or you are working on a different grant, you do not need a new Commons account. A PI should have only one Commons account that follows them throughout their careers.

Locked out: If you put in the wrong password twice while trying to log-into Commons, it automatically locks the profile. If this happens, please email with your Commons ID to get the password reset.

Forgetting your password: If you forget your password, please email with your Commons ID to get the password reset.