Grants & Cooperative Agreements

What is a Grant?

Grants, or Sponsored Projects, fall under the purview of University Research Administration and embody several distinct qualities. Components of the proposal will often include a scope of work, a budget, a budget justification, and a specific timeline for carrying out the proposed activities. Award terms and conditions are mutually agreed upon by the sponsor and the University.

What is a Cooperative Agreement?

A Cooperative Agreement is a financial assistance mechanism to be used in lieu of a grant when substantial Federal programmatic involvement during performance is anticipated.

Preparing a Proposal? First steps…

  1. Read the Request for Applications (RFA) or Request for Proposals (RFP) guidelines, noting details such as the start date, submission method, and formatting requirements.
  2. Look at examples and helpful guides. The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases has a helpful website with proposal guides and templates
  3. Log into AURA, and begin preparing your funding proposal.
  4. Identify who will be needed to work on the proposed project.
  5. Sign up for Training with URA and access to TERA.
  6. If it’s an NIH proposal, request an eRA Commons ID for the PI or Postdoc.