Roles and Responsibilities Matrix

Roles and Responsibilities Matrix*


Departmental Pre-Award Research Administrator

Principal Investigator

Unit Approver and/or Dept/Dean Delegate


As needed, notify unit staff of upcoming submissions

Respond to PI requests in a timely manner, prioritizing based on urgency

Communicate regularly with the PI throughout the proposal submission process

Notify pre-award manager of intent to administrator proposal as soon as a decision has been made to pursue the opportunity, and if available, provide funding opportunity announcement

Notify pre-award administrator of any incoming faculty who may need proposal development support

Provide updated salary information for faculty on an annual basis or as needed

Funding Opportunity Review

Determine PI eligibility and complete PI Status Request form, if necessary

Provide checklist and timeline to PI

Contact Research Development Support, if necessary.

Address any issues regarding limited submissions

Complete PI Status Request form as required, if necessary

Review PI Status Request form and provide Dept. Head approval

Budget Preparation

Prepare/edit proposal budgets and budget narratives with PI

Provide guidelines to subcontractors and collect appropriate documentation for submission

Seek approval from unit for any cost share requests

Discuss any indirect cost concerns with the PI and the unit and process IDC Waiver/Variance Request, if necessary

Prepare/edit proposal budgets and budget narratives with pre-award administrator

Provides subcontractor contact information

Discusses any cost share requests and/or IDC waivers with unit staff and/or the pre-award administrator

Review any cost share requests and/or IDC waivers and provide approval

Provide salary information to pre-award administrator

Notify the pre-award administrator of any special unit requirements regarding the budget

Application Preparation


Ensure all institutional compliance requirements are met

Complete non-technical proposal components, including any institutional forms and application forms

Compile technical proposal components

Update Pending section of Current and Pending Support and verify Current section with PI and unit staff

Coordinate Biosketches/CV verification with PI

Prepare technical proposal components

Verify Current and Pending Support with pre-award manager and unit staff

Update Biosketches/CVs with pre-award administrator

Provide Current Support in Current & Pending document as required

University Approvals


Create and complete AURA Funding Proposal

Upload all draft proposal documents and route to assigned Unit Approver

Complete Assurances in AURA

Provide Unit approval



Send PDF of final application to PI for review

Submit application to sponsor if unit submission or confirm “ready to submit” if URA submission.

Provide concurrence to submit proposal




Route any post-submission requests through AURA as “JIT” request

Review and route to URA for submission to sponsor

Follow up with unit and PI regarding any compliance activities prior to award

Ensure any IACUC and IRB protocols are approved for appropriate FPs

Notify pre-award administrator of any post-submission materials to be submitted

Provide any IACUC, IRB, or IBC protocol information to pre-award manager as needed


Progress Reports- if assistance is requested


Provide checklist and timeline to PI, if necessary

Assist PI in creating and uploading documents

Route through AURA for review and submission, if necessary

Complete required progress report documentation

Route progress report to post-award administrator

Provide concurrence for submission



Ensure any IACUC and IRB protocols are linked to appropriate FPs for award distribution

Complete annual FCOI Disclosure/Annual COI Assurance

Complete COI CITI training every 4 years

Complete CITI Human Subjects Training every 3 years

Provide any IACUC, IRB, or IBC protocol information to pre-award administrator as needed for proposals




*Roles/responsibilities can vary across the differing units/divisions