Relinquishing an Award

If the Program Director/Principal Investigator leaves the University there are situations when it is appropriate for the sponsored awards to transfer to the new institution. In these cases, the local unit should contact URA to discuss the specific situation and plan for the transfer of the awards.

In general, the University would relinquish the award to the agency and the funding agency would issue a new award to the new institution.

At the University there are several key contacts that should be coordinated prior to the faculty member’s departure. A checklist has been developed to assist in this coordination.

Items that require concurrence route to URA via AURA:

1. Letter from PI to the agency/sponsor indicating the reason for relinquishing, effective date, plans for the project, and estimated remaining balance. (Include name of new institution if relinquishing due to PI departure)

2. Final Invention Statement (for NIH awards)

3. Closing Memo with all required backup documentation

Faculty Departure List - faculty should use this checklist for reference when leaving the University

Faculty Departure Checklist (DOC) – from the Office of Academic Affairs

Specific Agency Guidance – For NIH

NIH Final Invention Statement 

Official Statement Relinquishing Interests and Rights in a Public Health Service Research Grant